Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collars

If you’re tired of the early morning wake-up calls from your four-legged friend or you’re exhausted from explaining that your pet likes the sound of their own bark at the dog park, we’ve got good news: There is an effective, humane bark control option out there. Ultrasonic vibrating dog bark collars offer a two-prong approach to bark control: First, they release a high-pitched tone, and second, they send a painless buzz to get your pup’s attention. Learn more about these unique anti-bark collars below.

How Do Ultrasonic and Vibration Dog Collars Work?

Ultrasonic vibration bark collars are triggered into action when your dog decides to speak up. They work by releasing a high-pitched ultrasonic tone and a mild buzz around the collar in response to your dog’s bark. As your dog begins to associate their bark with the ultrasonic sound and the vibration from the collar, they’ll stop barking in order to avoid it. When used with consistency, ultrasonic bark control collars can change your dog’s barking habits for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrasonic and Vibration Dog Collars

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Are Ultrasonic and Vibration Collars Safe For Dogs?

Yes, both methods of bark control, ultrasonic and vibration, are safe for dogs. These no-shock bark collars may mildly annoy your dog, but they will not cause harm. Many vibrating and ultrasonic dog bark collars are adjustable, so you can make sure the volume and vibrations are reasonable for your dog’s size.

Are Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collars Humane?

Yes, ultrasonic and vibration bark collars are humane. One of the safest methods of bark control, ultrasonic vibration collars are designed to be pain-free for your pet. That said, your dogs’ ears are more sensitive to sound than a humans’, so follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the dog bark collar you purchase for the best results.

Are Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collars Better Than Shock Collars?

Yes, ultrasonic and vibration dog collars are a better method of bark control than shock collars. Veterinarians and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have criticized using shock collars for bark control because they cause pain for your pet.

Pros and Cons of Ultrasonic and Vibration Collars

It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of any new addition to your dog’s lifestyle, which is why we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic and vibration bark collars below.

Ultrasonic and Vibration Collar Pros

These are just a few reasons why ultrasonic and vibrating dog bark collars are generally a good idea for dogs who bark excessively.

Twice as Effective

Using both the ultrasonic sound and a vibrating buzz is much more effective than just one or the other. For example, dogs that are hard of hearing will still feel the vibration from their bark collar.

Safe for Your Pet

Ultrasonic and vibration bark control methods are more humane than alternatives like shock or spray collars.

Works Around the Clock

Whether you’re deep asleep, out buying groceries, or away for work, ultrasonic and vibration dog bark collars will monitor and respond to your dog’s barks so you don’t have to worry about them making noise while you’re gone.

Ultrasonic and Vibration Collar Cons

Although they’re very effective in general, ultrasonic and vibrating bark collars may not be the best choice in certain situations.

Impossible to Distinguish Between Your Dog’s Bark and Another’s

Because ultrasonic and vibration dog collars cannot determine where a bark comes from, they may respond to sounds that your pet didn’t make. This can confuse your dog and interfere with the training process.

May Not Work for Pets With Behavioral Issues

If your pet suffers from territorial issues, separation anxiety, or other behavioral issues, ultrasonic and vibration bark collars may not provide a long-term solution.

Not as Effective for Extra-Large Dogs

While our BarkMute™Ultrasonic Vibration Collar works for pets up to 120 lbs, it's most effective on small and midsize dogs.

Ready For Peace and Quiet? Try the BarkMute™ Ultrasonic Vibration Dog Collar

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