Do Bark Collars Work? And Are They Safe?

Does your dog bark way more than the shelter or breeder led you to believe? Does he bark at inappropriate times all day and night? If you are looking for tools and solutions to train your dog to stop barking, you’re probably finding a lot of information about bark collars, also known as anti-bark collars.

As training devices, all bark collars interrupt unwanted behavior such as barking so that you can redirect your dog. Each type of bark collar does so differently. Types of bark collars include vibration, static (shock), spray, ultrasonic, and combination.

To answer the question, “do bark collars really work,” the short answer is yes, they work if used properly. That said, some dog owners and trainers question whether anti-bark collars are humane, and they prefer other methods of dog training, which we’ll cover in the last section of this article.

Do Bark Collars Really Work?

Yes and no. Yes, bark collars can curb unwanted behavior in many dogs, but that doesn’t mean bark collars work on all dogs. There are several reasons why a bark collar may not help stop your dog from barking.

First and foremost, as the trainer, you must properly use the device. Failure to follow instructions on correct fit and position of the collar can hinder the collar’s usefulness, as can a lack of prompt corrections to your dog’s behavior.

Are Anti-Bark Collars Safe?

Most dog owners want to know if a bark collar is safe to use on their dogs. Anti-bark collars use an annoying ultrasonic noise (that humans can’t hear), a spray of citronella or lemon, or a quick electric shock or vibration that will cause your dog to stop in the middle of his barking.

All of the interruption stimuli except the electric shock one are brief and have no long-lasting effects.

Based on the above, the answer to whether anti-bark collars are safe is yes, except it is a shocking one. We don't recommend shocking collars as they are not humane, and can harm your dog.

BarkMute™ Collar works automatically, detecting only your dog's bark, using an ultrasound+vibration combination to deter your dog barking. It does not shock or harm your dog in any way.

Imagine a collar that stops your dog from barking aggressively and uncontrollably, a long term behavior solution, not just a quick fix and without any shock or harmful techniques

"This has been the best purchase we have made. It does not shock the dog. It is her own bark that will set it off!"

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Stop Excessive Barking

Automatic Behavior Correction

3 Different Modes

BARKMUTE has 3 different bark deterrent modes: Sound, vibration and vibration + sound.

7 Auto Levels

BARKMUTE has 7 deterrent levels, starting with sound only until vibration+sound is added.

No Shock

There is no harm to your dog as this bark control device is gentle to your pet by warning without physical harm.

Adjustable Sensitivity

BARKMUTE can be adjusted to perfectly match your dog's barking

Effective and Humane

    BARKMUTE™ really reduces barking, without causing your dog to feel painful or distressful. Combining the beep sound and vibration in one unit makes it possible to correct the barking habit effectively, and there is no harm to your beloved dogs.

Progressive Behaviour Correction

Starting with a warning noise, the collar increases the duration of its vibration until your dog stops barking for thirty seconds. This increasing deterrent is the most effective method of electronic bark correction for small and medium dog breeds.

Adjustable & Rechargable

Forget about changing batteries. BARKMUTE™ is USB rechargeable and it’s waterproof too, so you’ll have no problems using it outdoors. BARKMUTE™ Collar is suitable for dogs between 11 to 120 LBS (5-55 KG) with a neck size from 9" to 22" (23 to 56 CM)


Will the product fit my dog?

BARKMUTE™ Collar is suitable for dogs between 11 to 120 LBS (5-55 KG) with a neck size from 9' to 22' (23 to 56 CM)

How does it work?

BARKMUTE Collar detects when the dog barks and uses a system of ultrasounds and vibrations combined with a progressive increase in them to deter barking. It does absolutely no harm to your dog.

How often do I need to charge it?

It depends on the usage and your dog's barking frequency. On average, charging the collar every 3 days will work well.

I have 2 or more dogs, do I need to buy more than 1 collar?

We suggest that you purchase one collar per dog. We could not assure you the correct operation of 1 collar for several dogs. (although we had some clients who bought 1 and managed to use it for 2 dogs)

What about shipping and delivery?

Shipping within the US usually takes from 2 to 7 days. We have fulfillments center in Dallas and San Francisco.

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