How To Get A Dog To Stop Barking


Let’s face it, all dogs bark for one reason or another. Barking is a way for dogs to communicate, just as talking is a way for humans to communicate. Sometimes, though, a dog’s barking becomes a problem if it happens too often. It may seem daunting to figure out how to stop a dog from barking, but really, there are many methods you can try out to alleviate the issue. Before you attempt any approach, remember that with any kind of dog training, consistency, patience, practice, and time are all necessary to see improvement. Stick with it, and you just might see better behavior in your puppy or dog.

Getting Started

Before you can figure out how to get a dog to stop barking in the most effective way, you should try to determine what causes them to bark to begin with. The reason could be as simple as boredom or as complex as separation anxiety. Pay attention to the moments when your dog starts sounding off and see if you can identify any triggers. If the problem is really severe, a vet may be able to give you some answers too.

Bark Control Strategies

The first thing you can try is exercise. If your dog is getting enough physical activity throughout the day, they’ll be happy and tired instead of bored and wired. Another option is to provide your dog or puppy with more socialization. If your pet tends to bark at people or other dogs, they might just need more experience with the things that set them off until they calm down. You can use treats to make your dog more comfortable in social situations and reward them when they stop barking or learn to play nicely. Take your time when bringing your dog around others—they may need to warm up to them slowly.

If exercise and socializing don’t work, try giving your dog an interactive toy to distract them from the source of their barking. You can also try adjusting their environment to make them more calm and comfortable. Sometimes playing some music or turning on the TV can help, or try closing curtains to keep out triggers from outside.

Sometimes all it takes to keep a dog from barking incessantly is to play a more active role in their training. Try teaching your dog the “quiet” command by saying this word firmly and calmly whenever barking occurs. If they stop, remember to give them a treat so they can associate their actions with your words and desired behavior. When dogs use their bark as a way to communicate, ignoring the noise could also be the right approach. Do not react to their barking until they stop, and then give them what they want.

Bark Collars

Still don’t know how to stop a dog from barking? Have them wear a bark collar that will automatically react when they sound off. The BarkMute Ultrasonic Vibration Collar uses a combination of noise and gentle but noticeable vibrations to discourage your dog from barking at length. This is a great tool for putting an end to your dog’s barking in a humane way.

Your training journey with your dog might take a lot of time, or it might work out quicker than you anticipated! Every dog is unique and responds differently. We wish you the best of luck and quieter days ahead.