Top Myths About Bark Collars That You Should Know

Over the years of having dogs, we are sure you've heard a million things that can help your dog learn ways of dealing with stress. In that search, I'm sure you've come across many different opinions about bark collars. We've learned that some of the information out there has been convoluted and lead to some misconceptions.

  • Myth 1: Dog Barking Collars Aren't Safe

  • Myth 2: A bark collar should be worn 24/7

  • Myth 3: Using dog barking collars will prevent your dog from ever barking again

It is no secret that dogs will bark, and some much more than others. Many dog owners are working on ways to get their dogs to bark less or not bark unnecessarily. Some dogs will continue to bark excessively despite going through rigorous training. If this is the case, a humane training collar might be your best bet. There are some dog barking collars on the market that are not safe or good-natured. However, there are other dog barking collars that cause no harm to your dogs and are very effective. Here is some more information debunking the myth that all dog barking collars aren’t safe.

What Are The Options?

There are a couple of different collars to prevent constant barking. There are ultrasonic, vibration, spray, and shock bark collars. Shock collars are the type on this list that is not recommended by trainers or us at Barkmute. This is because the shock method causes much more discomfort and even pain. When it comes to the other types of barking collars, it has been proven that these dog barking collars are completely safe if used correctly. This means following the guidelines, using them in conjunction with consistent training, and taking steps to be proactive.

How Do They Work?

These training collars are not about hurting the dog - it is about consistent and reliable ‘correction’ and guidance at a level that re-trains the dog to the appropriate barking behavior. Keep in mind that bark collars are not the first step toward getting your dog to stop barking, rather they are typically one of the last steps taken after trying other methods.

One common misunderstanding about bark collars is that they should be worn all the time in order for them to be effective. Not only is that not true, but it can actually be quite harmful to your dog to wear the control collars for more than the recommended time. So, how long should they be wearing them? Keep reading for more tips on the appropriate way to use your dog’s training collar.

Make Sure They Fit Correctly

The dog's collar must fit its neck perfectly and be consistently rotated to prevent any sore spots from happening. If the collar is too tight, the constant pressure from any contact points can restrict blood flow. On the other hand, if the collar is too loose, it may have no training effect since the dog will not be able to feel the vibrations. Make sure to take measurements of your dog’s neck before ordering their collar size.

Wear Them Only for the Recommended Duration

Most brands of bark collars (and us at BarkMute) recommend that your dog wears the collar no more than 8-10 hours a day. Many bark collars will need to be recharged, so this is a great time to give your dog’s neck a break and readjust the collar if necessary. Like any other collars, cleaning underneath them every now and then is recommended. Also, be extra cautious of your dog’s collar getting caught on things like fences or crates.

Will They Just Bark When the Collar is Off?

Well, no dog is the same. Their behavior when the collar is off truly depends on how the collar is introduced and how proactive you are with the training. Some dogs know that they can bark when their collar is not on, while others learn to avoid the behavior completely. With any type of bark control collars, consistency and patience are key.

For a humane and effective solution to obsessive barking, try BARKMUTE™. BARKMUTE™ really reduces barking, without causing your dog to feel painful or distressful. Combining the beep sound and vibration in one unit makes it possible to correct the barking habit effectively. Check it out on our products page on our website.

Barking is very normal behavior for dogs – after all, they can’t speak to us so this is how they communicate. There are many people who question whether a barking collar will make it so their dog never barks again. However, this is not, or should not be, the goal of using the barking collars. Here are some reasons why dogs bark and why a dog barking collar should not stop all barking.

Threat Detection

If your dog feels unsafe in a situation or if they feel like their owner is being threatened, they will use their barks to alert and/or protect themselves. They will bark to get their owner’s attention or as their way of saying that they are not comfortable. It is important to identify your dog's behavior when they bark to determine if it is out of fear or territorial. With our control collars, your dog can still bark if it needs to. A dog’s option to bark should never be taken away from them completely, especially when it comes to their safety.

Out of Boredom

Dogs who do not get enough exercise or mental stimulation will often bark more. This is due to pent-up energy and frustration not being released. In this case, bark control collars have more of a chance of being detrimental to your dog. Focus on getting your dog the outlets they need for their energy before using a dog silencer.

Expressing Emotion and Communicating with Other Dogs

Barking is a dog’s way of expressing themselves and communicating with you and other dogs. Dogs bark at each other for many reasons, whether that be out of protection, interest, or initiating play. Dogs are always in alert mode when someone new arrives on the scene. Dogs can easily feel stressed or overwhelmed, and like humans, they need a way to express it. To help you get the best behavior out of your dog, try to figure out what the cause is of their barking.

A dog bark collar typically will not get your dog to stop barking completely. This is not the ultimate goal of the collars. The collars should be used to stop unnecessary or relentless barking that has not stopped with other training methods. For more information on our bark collars, visit our products page.

Why Choose BARKMUTE™?

BARKMUTE™ has gone to considerable lengths to make sure that each of its bark collars is safe for use on dogs. Unlike traditional shock collars, BARKMUTE™ really reduces barking, without causing your dog to feel painful or distressful. Combining the beep sound and vibration in one unit makes it possible to correct the barking habit effectively, and there is no harm to your beloved dogs. Starting with a warning noise, the collar increases the duration of its vibration until your dog stops barking for thirty seconds. Through an extensive research and development process, and by using advanced technology, our collars are one of the safest designs on the market.

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