• FREE Dog Seat Belt Included

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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Keep both you and your pet safe while driving!

Why buy a BarkMute seat cover for your dog?

There is an average of 3,328 deaths and an estimated 421,000 injuries per year due to distracted drivers. On top of this, even a small 10 lb dog can become a deadly projectile in a car crash.

Traveling with this seat cover will allow you and your best friend to be safe on every trip and vacation you take, while keeping your car free from pet claws, stains, and liquids (yes, it's waterproof!)

  • FREE seat belt included

  • Keep your dog safe

  • Protect your car from scratches, spills, dirt, and dander

  • Waterproof

  • Nonslip surface & Safe

  • Easy to install, remove, and clean

  • One size fits all (60" x 56")

3 Ways to use your cover


Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning your seat cover is super easy. You can vacuum it, washing it with a damp cloth, or throw it in the washing machine. It's up to you.

Will it fit my car?

We can assure you at 99% It will fit your car. This car seat was designed to fit almost every car in the market and it's flexible on the sides. Unless you have a really unique and different car, it will fit for sure.

I have 2 or more dogs, do I need to buy more than 1 cover?

No, you don't. This cover is designed to fit in your back seats. If 2 or 3 dogs usually fit in your car's back seats, they will fit with this cover too. 

What about shipping and delivery?

BarkMute collars and products take 2-5 days at max to be shipped to your home (inside the US). Our dog seat in particular is being shipped from our global warehouse, so it takes 5-10 days to be shipped within the US.